Glass Baskets

Thinking about Easter leads me to think about the glass baskets I put eggs into in the spring, flowers into in the summer and pile with glass ornaments in the winter.  These glass baskets come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, styles and patterns.  Some designs are executed in clear glass, other glass comes in fantastic colors, some in milk glass or colored opaque glass, some glass has an iridized finish often called carnival glass, some have a smooth finish with painted accents, others have a pressed glass or cut class design and still other designs are pulled while the glass is still molten.

Walking around an antique mall last week I took photographs of every glass basket I could find.  I found a rich variety of baskets and thought you might enjoy seeing these beauties.  Most of the baskets I found were small, only large enough to hold a few Easter eggs or a small bag of jelly beans but all of them would add an air of beauty to your Easter décor and throughout the year.

One of my own glass baskets  is beautifully sculpted, hand blown Venetian glass with twisted rods of colored glass in green, yellow, blue and pink alternating with lacy rods of white lattice work.  The handle, artfully twisted ends in a raspberry-like button securing it to the bowl of the basket.  Overall this small basket stands ten inches tall and seven inches at the widest point.  The narrow base and tall shape keeps this basket from holding too much but, this delicate pastel basket adds a beautiful lightness to my Easter table.

During the 1970’s through 1998 Tiara, a division of Indiana Glass which made sandwich pattern glass, offered home parties in an effort to sell their glassware for home use.  Their big claim to fame?  The glass could withstand the rigorous washing of an automatic dishwasher, where vintage depression era glass would be damaged with surface scarring giving the old glass a permanent cloudy surface.  Over the years I’ve own a few of these Tiara glass baskets.  Sadly, several of them have broken due to neglect but, I was able to pull a few photos from of similar baskets to the ones I enjoyed.

Which ever glass basket you choose for an Easter basket remember to never pick up a full glass basket by the handle.  Even though the handles look and feel sturdy when empty; glass can easily crack with the slightest of pressure.

Enjoy the beauty of glass baskets all year round.

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