It’s That Time Again! Round Top Texas Time!

If you’ve been following me for some time, you know we were a newbies at Round Top Antiques Weekend last fall…..and, we’re doing it again!… week this time my sister Robin and I are headed to Warrenton, Texas for the amazing spectacle that is Round Top Antiques Weekend.  Last fall we set a goal and agreed if we met or exceeded that goal, we would consider coming back to Round Top for the spring show.  Well we exceeded our goal, the space opened up, we agreed to rent space in the Campbell Building for the spring show and now it’s crunch time.

The biggest concern last fall was the economic climate.  Just weeks before, Hurricane Harvey devastated the entire southern area of Texas between Austin and Houston Texas (late August and early September, 2017) and the unfortunate folks that live in the area were still in clean-up mode.  Most were still not back in their homes; many were still waiting for insurance adjusters to finish their inspections so the home owners and business owners could get down to the business of rebuilding and repairing their properties.  Consequentially the crowds were not as large and the sales were not as high as previous years.  Since we had no personal history to predict sales, we decided to set a goal based on other friend’s sales numbers from previous years, factoring in that we were new to the Texas market; we felt really green.  Overall the show last fall was a success for us but most vendors agreed it was down significantly from previous shows; down in attendance as well as total sales.

So now you ask, “Are you nuts?  Going back again?  Traveling half way across this nation to do what?  Sell stuff?”  Why yes, yes we are!  And, oh the frantic pace this last few weeks.  Frantically picking, pricing, packing and repacking our totes getting ready to schlep them all to Texas and hopefully come home with empty totes because we sold everything.20170922_145537.jpg

Round Top is a wonderful opportunity to see the best in antiques and vintage.  You can find everything from rusty barn chic to fine French antiques.  There is truly something for everyone. Walk the fields, scrutinize everything in and around the tents, wander through the buildings and be sure to investigate all the hidden gems that make Round Top one of the premier antique markets in the US.

Watch for posts from Round Top Texas starting next week or plan to come on down and check out the show for yourself.  Show dates vary by location but the core times are Saturday, March 24 through Saturday, April 8.   You can get more information from the Chamber of Commerce website HERE, the Round Top – Warrenton Show Daily Magazine (the guide available for free during the show at most vendors) Facebook page Here, the Campbell Building(our location in Warrenton) Facebook page HERE, or just Google Round Top Antiques Weekend for more information.

We’re looking forward to a couple fantastic weeks.  See you in Texas!20171003_123542


    • Oh if you bypass the buildings you miss so much! Thanks for making the effort to come inside, I look forward to meeting you. To preview some of the things we have in the Campbell building, check out my blog posts from last Round Top Antiques Market. I blogged everyday from Texas last fall.


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