Skiing Without Leaving a Trace?


I came across this saying the other day and thought how appropriately it explains life.  My hubby used to travel almost half the year for work and brought this home from Finland.  This little plaque hung in my office for a while then one day it got put away.  Recently, I rescued it and its back out on display making me smile and think about the far reaching effects of our actions.

If you were a Girl Scout you learned to “Do a good turn every day and to leave a place better than you found it.”

If you were a Boy Scout you learned to “Be Prepared.”

As a Jaycee member we learned that “Service to humanity is the best work of life.”  Every service organization has a motto or creed.  Their members band together to benefit others and live by a common goal; to serve.

If you lived in our house you learned from Dad to be on time.  “If you’re not early, you’re already late.”  In other words, Dad taught us to show enough respect for the other person to be on time and they will value your time and effort in return.

My Aunt Lorraine taught us to “Clean your own doorway before looking for dirt anywhere else.”  In other words, make sure your life is without reproach and you won’t have to worry about what others are doing or saying.

My friend Mary’s mom always told us “Give of yourself first.”  In other words, doing for others brings more happiness and rewards larger than you can imagine.

In 1973, my first supervisor started each day saying, “Don’t let the bastards get you down!”  In other words, Lucille let us know the glass ceiling was only there to let in light until someone broke through it allowing all women to rise to their highest potential and Lucille would be the one to help us shatter it.

These phrases, motto, and creeds provide us with words to live by, words of wisdom and guides for our lives.

If we in fact leave a bit of ourselves everywhere we go, shouldn’t we pay attention what type of trail we leave?  Shouldn’t we try our best to leave traces that others can follow to everyone’s betterment?  Shouldn’t we be responsible enough to consider the person coming behind us?  Maybe they want to see what we’ve done, maybe not.  Maybe they’re interested in what we leave, maybe not.  Maybe our traces can influence them, maybe not. But above all shouldn’t we make sure our traces are ones that someone can willingly follow to a better life?

What kind of traces are you leaving?








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