Small Oval Platters – Collecting

Since 1975 when we first married I started picking up pieces of restaurant china; little oval trays became part of my kitchen gear. I recently noticed I have quite a few oval platters, trays, dishes; all of them restaurant ware.  Must be something about the ovals that I am drawn to.  I know restaurant ware appeals to my sense of longevity, its nearly indestructible, and stands up well to abuse whether in a dishwasher or at the hand of a clumsy person.  Best of all, the cost is usually minimal in comparison to fine china.

I appreciate that an oval dish on a somewhat crowded table, fits easier than a round dish.  I appreciate that an oval plate holds just as much as a round plate of the same measurement and sometimes more. And I appreciate the visual variety an oval tray brings to a sea of round dishes.

My collections include a fair amount of small, less than 5 inches long, oval platters as well as my other oval platters.  All of them are restaurant ware and almost indestructible which was the main reason for originally buying them.20180116_131642

A few of the platters came from a country club.  These attractive green edged platters were purchased in the Chicago area so I do not think they are from the Georgia Country Club but who knows, they may be form Georgia, or maybe from the Greater Altoona Country Club, or the George Adler Country Club, over the years my family enjoyed coming up bazaar and unusual with names that fit the “GA” on my little platters.  The other FGC logo obviously a Golf Course but who or what does the “F” represent?  The possibilities are endless.


Most carry a makers mark like this one, Buffalo China Raleigh (pattern name) A HBA (?)
A small platter from Schuler’s once a very popular chain of restaurants in the southwest Michigan area.

Finding out about where these dishes were originally intended to serve makes life more interesting.  Like the small beige with brown trim platter above from the formerly well-know Win Schuler’s chain of restaurants in the southwestern Michigan area.  They served diners in a 1950’s style dinner club atmosphere with complimentary crudites  plate to begin with cocktails and their famous Bar Scheese(a horseradish cheese spread) with warm rolls to start every meal.  I remember going there in the 1970’s and loving the special feeling of being pampered by their staff.  This little platter reminds me of a long ago time, well spent being pampered and enjoying the company of friends.


The green patterned platters are part of the group because I love green.  I’ve always loved green.  So much in fact that on one of my first jobs working for the government, a much older friend noticed all my desk accessories were green and he said that was good.  He advised me to always keep green around me because green is the color of money and it would be sure to bring me wealth.  I’m still waiting for the wealth, but I still like green.

These oval platters are so handy, if you follow my other blog you’ll see these platters in many of the photos that accompany my recipes.

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