Collecting Green Pottery


My collection of greet pottery grows and shrinks with each year.  Sometimes I get tired of a piece and decide to sell, other times I cannot get enough of a type of pottery and go looking for more.  Just like any collectible, the thrill of the hunt is what keeps me looking.  My collection includes: McCoy, Rookwood, Frankoma, Tecco, Haeger, some Chech pieces and more.

Green McCoy pots with shiny glaze started my collection of green pottery.

It all started with a few small McCoy pots for my herb garden when we were first married where I used them to line our kitchen window sill.  My favorite color is green so that is what I bought initially.  Not really intending it to become a collection, I found myself drawn to the more matte glazes of the mid-century modern and art deco periods as my non-collection grew.  The matte finish didn’t scream for attention like the glossy pieces I’d seen and they worked with my “early attic” decorating scheme.

This glossy glazed Czechoslovakian piece from Erphila is a recent addition.  I love the way the bottom and handles echo each other with square designs and the body mimics these square designs with flat faceted sides.

I’m not sure of the original use for this small log cabin shaped box.  It looks a little yellow in the photos but is really almost mint green.  Haeger usually sells to the floral industry so I was surprised to see a piece not intended for flower arranging.  Could it have been intended as a cigarette coffee table box or some sort of trinket box?  I don’t know but I love it on my shelf.

Art Deco in styling, this piece is a huge console bowl over 18 inches high and over a foot wide.

A number of pieces in my collection do not have maker’s marks but that does not concern me.  I love them just as much as those with a pedigree.  I especially like the magnolia design on the lamp base.

A couple of my better pieces by Rookwood and Tecco share a home in my dining room but I use them regularly.

I think that is one of the best things about collecting ceramic ware.  It can be used and loved for it’s functionality as well as the beauty it adds to a room.

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