Cozy and Cast Iron

Today the daily writing prompt is “Cozy”.

Cozy brings to mind so many things especially on a day like today with sub-freezing temperatures.  As it sit in my nice warm house with my big old cast iron radiators steaming away, I am thinking of all those people that do not have the luxury of hugging a radiator.  Have you ever hugged a radiator?  It is divine!

If you are lucky enough to have big bulky old cast iron radiators in your house, you know the amazingly cozy feeling of getting out of a shower and wrapping up in a warm towel that hung on that heat source while you showered.

Cozy….the feeling of coming inside being chilled to the bone from shoveling snow in sub-freezing temperatures and having the luxury of hugging a heat source like a cast iron radiator.side

Cozy….the feeling of sitting next to the cast iron radiator sipping a cup of tea with a nip of whiskey to warm the insides as well as the outsides.

Cozy….the feeling of knowing our home is well heated and will continue this way as long as there is cold outside, we will be warm

Yes, during our cold Midwestern winters, cast iron that very heavy, brittle, extremely hard surface can in fact become cozy; a word that conjures up feelings of softness and warmth.


via Daily Prompt: Cozy


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