Getting the Backyard Ready for Christmas

This past weekend in the Midwest; Saturday was rainy and downright nasty but, Sunday was beautifully crisp, breezy and sunny…..perfect weather for putting up Christmas lights.  At least our hands were not frozen when we got done.

Earlier this year we built a fort in the back yard for our two grandsons when they visit.  The fort was a HUGE success, the boys love it and talk about it all the time. A few weeks ago, we removed all the swings, telescopes, pulleys and other toys to protect them from our brutal Midwestern winters.

Sunday, while we were out getting things at our local home improvement store, my hubby said we should consider putting a Christmas tree on the top of the fort.  It could be seen from all over the neighborhood and the boys would love it!  Great idea but, what type of tree could withstand the wind gusts up on top of that fort?

The lights are on but it’s not dark enough to see them well.

We found a tree.   A small spiral tree that lights up and has a star on top.  A spiral tree that folds down into a flat package for storage….even better!  So, we got to work.

We lined the edge of the railing on top of the fort with white lights then installed the tree.  Of course it looked good initially but the true test would come once the sun set and the lights could be seen from the house.20171119_171237

It was everything we hoped for and more. Our backyard is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Hope the boys love it as well.

What have you decorated for the holidays?


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