Antiques in Ellicott City, Maryland

Have you ever visited Ellicott City, Maryland?  Located in the Baltimore area, Ellicott City is a great place to spend an afternoon wandering from shop to shop, enjoying the beauty of a revolutionary war era town with much more charm than Baltimore, the Charm City.  In 2016 Ellicott City made the national news when torrential rains all but destroyed this quaint shopping district but, they rose from the devastation like a phoenix rising from the ashes.  And today, businesses are rebuilding, buildings are reopening, and new businesses are flourishing in this amazingly resilient town.

In this pedestrian friendly town you will find streets with granite curbing, 200 year old buildings with old wavy glass windows and granite door steps, and shop after attractive shop featuring antiques, boutiques and galleries.  Look for unique places to stop for a quick cup of tea, specialty sweets, or a refreshing meal with a boutique beer.  It’s all here in Ellicott City and more.

In the middle of town, right on the corner of Main Street and Columbia Pike, Taylor’s Collective is a group of very talented artisans and antiques dealers whose businesses cohabitate and bring a special feel to this part of town.  The multi storied facility once housed the largest antique mall in Ellicott City.  Just before the major flood of 2016, Taylor’s Antique Mall decided to sell and the Taylor’s Collective decided to move into the building.  The artisans and antiques dealers are all dedicated to a common goal; bringing you the very best of themselves and their work.20170831_194734

On the second floor is an antiques dealer that is just a delight.  Barbara Herron, owner of Design In Time is my kind of gal.  A seamstress, she has a passion for vintage sewing and quilting memorabilia and repurposes these items into beautiful things for the modern home.  Barbara loves all the same kind of wonderful things that bring me joy.  In her booth on the second floor, Barbara delights in sharing her love of neglected quilting pieces by making these cast-offs into new serviceable items. For the past 25+ years, she has honed her quilting skills and learned to recognize the beauty of older quilt squares by re-using them as the basis for other items such as her darling pin cushions made from cut-offs, pieces too small for other projects.  Her love of old quilts and quilt blocks led Barbara into a career of repurposing these treasured items into one-of-a-kind pillows, wall hangings, table runners, aprons, and other creative items.  She honors the workmanship of women from years ago by turning their well worn, over loved, or incomplete items into modern pieces for today’s home.

In addition to her softer material pieces, Barbara loaded her booth with many of the same things you love and can find in many other antique and vintage shops and she creatively displays these vintage pieces with her repurposed items.  In her booth, she has a smattering of milk glass and ironstone, some furniture pieces used for display but also for sale, framed prints, doilies, vintage jewelry, kitschy kitchen items and more.

If you have the chance to visit Ellicott City, and I hope you make time for this charming town, be sure to climb the winding staircase to the second floor of Taylor’s Collective on Main Street to experience this pleasant antique booth and take home a piece of the past that has been lovingly redesigned to fit our modern lives.


  1. What a great place that would be to wander through. I love old pincushions and use them to hang off a ‘pillow’ when doing bobbin lace. And while I still crochet doilies, when I find ones in thrift stores or places like this, I often buy them just to honor the many hours someone put into them.

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