And now the search begins…….

Antique dealers are always searching. Searching for that next fantastic piece that will complete their personal collection. Searching for that next fantastic piece that will delight their customers.  Searching for that next fantastic piece that will turn out to be a hidden gem worth thousands, or maybe millions.

For most antiques dealers, finding the piece worth millions or maybe just a lot more than we paid for it, is the elusive idea that keeps us looking, wishing and searching.  Every dealer I have ever met has a story of the one that got away. We all have regrets; the piece we did not have enough ready cash to purchase, the sleeper we passed over that some other dealer found and sold for ten times the price paid, the piece we saw someone totally undeserving walk away with at an estate sale, the piece we coveted but missed out on at an auction.  The list is endless but it hangs over our heads like a shroud, goading us into searching, looking, trying to find that elusive next score.  Sounds a little like an addiction, doesn’t it?

As I sat here this morning trying to figure out what to blog about, I was filling my time looking on line for estate sales and which sale piques my interest?  One I cannot attend because it is in Texas and I am back in Illinois.  Bummer!  Total disappointment!

While I was in Texas the last 3 weeks, I started watching estate sales in the Austin and Houston areas.  Forgetting that I changed my registration, I started this morning looking online at available sales for today.  Wouldn’t you know it? I found some really great pieces to replace those I sold in Round Top Texas, beautiful vintage purses and hats at a sale this weekend.  Yeah!!!  But, the sale is in Texas.  Arrrgg!

Oh well, I will have to be content with the local sales and stop coveting items at sales I cannot attend.  So, let’s think positive. Maybe there’s a sleeper waiting for me at our local estate sales.  I’m off to stand in line.

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