Coffee Tables in the Campbell Building

I just read a post by Antiques on Fleek   about coffee tables at auction in London which got me to thinking about the coffee tables available in the Campbell Building for the Round Top Antiques Week. Coffee tables are a love hate type of table.  Some people feel the need to always include one in their home decor, others find them an encumbrance and wouldn’t dare allow one in their home.  Which are you? In need of a coffee table or never wanting a coffee table?

Whichever suits your decor, maybe one of these could delight you and enhance your home.  Come see us in the Campbell Building in Warrenton, Texas till Saturday, October 7.


Available out in the Campbell Alley at Charming Restorations this vintage coffee table has fabulous brass wheels.
A rustic bench like this one in Takona Soapery booth in the Campbell Building is great for tight spaces.
Going for that lighter look, maybe glass and brass is more to your liking. Look for this coffee table out front in Fitzgerald’s.
Is French Provencal your style? Maybe this distressed coffee table would look fantastic in your home. Also available at Fitzgerald’s.
Add a nice big tray to this large ottoman and it becomes a coffee table.
The base for a table could be either of these, just add a circle of glass and voila, you have a coffee table.
Love that industrial look? This small cart with wheels could be the perfect accent to your loft look. Available at Charming Restorations in the Campbell Alley.
The beveled edge curved cut glass top on this wrought iron base is so lacy. Perfect with many different styles.  See this beauty at Fragments Perfectly Flawed.
What do you suppose the base of this coffee table started life as? My guess? Part of a still. Love, love, love the beaded bottom edge. Craftsmanship like this is no longer seen. See Fitzgerald’s for this unique find.


A small tray top table with cross braces and turned legs could fit in anywhere.  From booth Lot 26.


Another French Provencal style this one with a tray top in Fragments Perfectly Flawed booth.

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