Wacky Wednesday — Weird, Strange and Unusual from Warrenton Texas and the Round Top Antiques Market

All throughout the vendor spaces at the Round Top Texas Antiques Week one can find the most odd and unusual items for sale.  There are booths just dedicated to medical equipment one guy has an entire set-up from a 1960’s vintage dental office complete with a sink for rinsing and an X-ray machine(non-working) attached to a light post, two dental chairs, and several dental chests with the tiny drawers to hold all the small instruments needed for a dentist to do his/her job. Directly across the path from the dental equipment is a booth full of medical equipment with gurneys, IV poles and more.  Neither set-up is my idea of collectible but I have learned my lesson over the years and I realize there is a collector for everything. So here are some of the wonderfully wacky collectible items in Round Top Texas this week.


Let me start by stating I’ve never been a person that likes taxidermy. Well, this cow hoof ash tray qualifies as taxidermy for me but, I thought you might enjoy the weirdness of a cow hoof on your end table.


I LOVE this sign!  Can they really make “Bad girls better”?  How do they do that? Do the “bad girls” get better at being bad?  And, how can you be only “mildly insane”?  I always thought either you’re in need of therapy or not.


These “Hand” chairs from the 1970s make everyone smile and are amazingly quite comfortable plus best of all, they have a place in the thumb for your drink.

Wouldn’t you love to go to the Vulture Cafe?  Doesn’t every home need a little vulture?

When have you ever seen a ski lift in Texas?  Wouldn’t it be the best backyard swing?….. only if you have a lot of space.


A cow skeleton?  Halloween is coming.
How about a Korean war era military transport?  It’s all loaded on the trailer ready for you to haul it home.  Just imagine how much fun the grandkids would have climbing on this.


A green sparing partner for those times when you want to beat someone to a pulp but just can’t justify the jail time.



A metal catfish complete with bloodied hand….what garden couldn’t be improved with a lawn ornament like this?

The next time you go to a market, look for all the wild and wacky totally bazaar yet really cool stuff you can find, then smile and think about the amount of fun that item could bring to your life….not that I’m advocating owning all this weirdness but it could bring a few smiles to an otherwise dull party.

No judgments, just smiles.



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