Doors in Texas 

Monday I wrote about re-purposing vintage finds to fit your modern sensibilities.   Today I thought I’d share some of the possible vintage finds to begin those re-purposing projects beginning with doors.  I follow a blog called Thursday Doors and for months now I’ve been appreciating their posts showing all kinds of unique and different doors all over the world.  Since I’m in Texas this week I thought I’d share some doors. All over Round Top Texas Antique Week there are vendors with doors just waiting for someone to put them in the perfect place to highlight their uniqueness. So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite doors from Warrenton and Round Top Texas this week

Beautiful French doors for a pantry like Joanna Gaines used in an episode of Fixer Upper?
These big blue beauties are the size of a single garage door.
You could start your own church with this baptismal font and the crosses in this booth but it’s the doors that attracted me. Huge! Massive! Fantastic!
Louvered doors or shutters have so many re-use possibilities but a screen door with louvers on the bottom……what could it be made into??
These metal arched doors would look stunning in a garden.
This door set has the best of everything, metal, glass and carved wood.
Massive wooden louvered doors
Tall doors like these can really make a statement whether you use them as a door or repurposed them for an accent piece
Love love love the green of this door, just don’t know where I’d put it.
This ivy covered little chicken wire and wood shed door is just charming right where it is; buried in the middle of the vendor tent spaces.


Tons of single doors.
From my earlier post; Repurposing Items in Round Top Antique Market  doors made into hall shelves.

Next time you’re at a market, look out for doors.  You never know what you’ll envision.


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