Dedicated to the One I Love!

As we walk around the Round Top Antiques Week, I’ve noticed many dealers are truly dedicated to one type of something. Their tents are jam packed full of only one kind of something.  It could be doors, it could be glassware it, it could be jewelry or beautiful linens.

I’ve seen tents with piece after piece of silver-plate glistening in the sun,

tents full of beads in all different shapes and size,

unbelievable amounts of quirky cookie jars,

an entire wall covered with wall vases as well as a few extras,

a rustic hut filled with amazing taxidermy,

earth-tone cow hides to turn into something beautiful,

tents with hundreds of cowboy hats for sale, 20170922_144339 (1)

booths full of nothing but cowboy boots,

a space with only kitschy blow-molds,

a tent loaded with every color in the rainbow of Fiesta ware,

20170926_111428 and more. So much more.

What does this concentrated focus say about these dealers?  This tells me they are more of a connoisseur, an aficionado, and possibly an expert in their field.  These dealers can often be a font of information for the novice collector and someone to trade ideas with for the seasoned collector.  They truly love their collections and want their pieces to go to those that will appreciate the beauty of the pieces.


  1. To walk through such a strange assortment of paraphernalia is my one true joy in antique shops and centres. It is like finding yourself in a treasure trove of memories. Enjoyed the ramble, and I have to say, I am all for the cookie jars.

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