Repurposing Items in Round Top Antique Market

Every day on our walk into town I’ve noticed pieces that started life as something else:  something that was at one time utilitarian or beautiful but just fell out of favor; became redundant, not as useful or maybe just was no longer wanted by their owners.  These everyday items get re-imagined by some pretty creative folks and I thought I’d share some of these items with you today.

Tons of re-purposed wood: barn wood, old doors, reclaimed flooring, large slabs of lumber and many other types of wood remade into amazingly beautiful items for your home or business.  Like this check out counter made from a reclaimed barn door in the Takona Soapery booth.  The chippy paint and rusty hardware give this counter so much character.  And best of all, it was a very affordable, eye appealing, ecologically friendly way to accent their booth.

These old doors became a hall tree with a shelf.  Wouldn’t you love to have a beautiful hall shelf near your front door to hold your keys, the mail, messages?  They used an old weathered door, a couple corbels, brackets or extra pieces of scrap wood and some planks to make these wonderfully creative pieces for your home.20170924_082928I’m not sure what this chair started out as but it bears mentioning.  I instantly thought of a dinosaur when we saw it from further down the aisle.  If you’re game, you could have a seat and try it out.  Constructed of metal parts and painted white it has a sort of skeletal quality.

Copper tubing and fittings become letters of the alphabet when a master pipe fitter starts to play.  You can find these in the Campbell Building in the Fragments booth on the side porch.  Hang your initials or spell a word. Prop your initial next to your favorite books on a shelf.  The rich patina of the aged copper just glows.  You could polish them but I think I prefer the aged copper look.

Another wonderfully whimsical design by Diane of Fragments are these quirky pillows made from heavy canvass feed bags, decorated with all kinds of trinkets and bits of this and that.  Each pillow is quite unique which makes it so difficult to decide which one will accent your decor best.

Hanging int he Takona Soapery booth in the Campbell Building, this barn chic light fixture started life as the ridge-cap of a barn. Add three mason jars and lighting paraphernalia and you have the perfect light fixture to hang over a bar, a table or a counter.  Made right here in Texas. Go to New Beginnings facebook page HERE for more information or to see what they are repurposing now.  They’re located in Flatonia, Texas.

Lots of other re-purposed items at the show like:

A barbecue grill made to look like a tractor
A stool made from a tractor sear and a wheel
A tea kettle and percolator baskets made into a wind-chime


When looking at a market and admiring the beauty of the items on sale remember there is a lot of ingenuity that goes into re-purposed pieces.  These creative artisans put a little of themselves in every piece and we are the lucky ones that get to enjoy and appreciate their work.

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