Round Top Texas …. Getting …. Setting Up

We got into Warrenton Texas on Wednesday afternoon and hit the ground running.  Find the booth, clean the dust and cobwebs, empty the totes from the van onto the booth and now the fun begins.  We only have until Friday at 5pm to get everything done and ready to meet the hoards of shoppers clambering to see as much as possible in their time allotted.  And while we are working, trying to get everything possible artfully arranged in our booth, there is still so much to see.  Dealers are out looking for bargains.  Somehow they have the luxury of time to get out and shop.   So good for them and good for us because we’ve already had sales.

So much cool stuff to consider

So much to fall in love with.

We’re too busy to really be junk drunk just yet but I’m sure before the week is up, you’ll hear me crying like a little girl trying to figure out why my terribly mean sister won’t let me bring home the absolutely humongous cast iron urn (you could seriously take a bathe in this gigantic urn) and a set of enchanting French doors, or something else equally ridiculous and absolutely fabulous .

Oh well off to bed to try to rest enough to get up and do it all again.  Yippy Yahoo!

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