Kalamadoodle? in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo!  Isn’t that one of the more fun city names to say?  Kalamazoo. A small city in Michigan with all the amenities of a big city yet all the quaint charm of a small town with a strong art community willing to go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome.  Tonight I attended a night of fun, art inspiration and micro brews.  The name of this event?  Kalamadoodle.  Yes you read that right; Kalamadoodle.

Well, what about Kalamadoodle? That’s not a word that can be found in the dictionary.  That word is utter nonsense!  Yes it is a bit of a nonsensical night.  Lots of people of all ages, lots of positive energy, lots of craft beer, lots of artistic people, lots of drawing, doodling and best of all, lots of fun.

Kalamadoodle is the brain child Mike Klok and several Kalamazoo artist and community members.  They got together a few years ago and thought; why not combine our love of arts with some beer?  Sounds like an intriguing mix doesn’t it?

Tonight I attended one of the most fun events I have ever experienced at the Kalamazoo micro-brewery, One Well Brewery.  I got to doodle with an architect friend of mine, Michael and my cousin Myrsine.  We shared the table with a family and all shared the pencils, crayons, paper and the work.  Michael and I collaborated on a pirate couple that turned out looking a bit like Abe Lincoln and his pirate wife.

Myrsine drew and doodled a lovely flower with beautiful coloration.

Other doodlers drew patterns, cartoons, worked on lettering or colored in pre-printed pages.  The energy in the room was contagious; everyone was happily drawing and visiting with their table partners.  Families encouraged their children to explore their artistic abilities.  People visited, toasted each other and shared a relaxing evening of art and artfully produced brews.  Folks sat inside, they sat outside, they stood at tables with friends, they circulated throughout the space, in general everyone enjoyed themselves.  They came by car, they came on foot, they came by bicycle; however they got here, they were all happy to be here at One Well Brewery.

As we were leaving tonight, I met Mike the founder of Kalamadoodle and had a chance to chat with him for a little while.  When asked how he came up with this fantastic event, Mike told me he is in marketing and while sitting in a microbrewery working on a sketch pad he noticed people seemed much more apt to approach him and interact with him when he was working on a drawing in a more relaxed atmosphere than when he was wearing a suit and working on a laptop.  This revelation got Mike to thinking why not try to bring people together with art and an artfully brewed beer?  Being the marketing guru he is, Mike came up with the all too appropriate name Kalamadoodle three years ago and the rest as they say is history; and a quite impressive history at that! Tonight there were over 100 people sitting, standing, chatting, drawing, doodling, talking, interacting and in general? Having Fun!  That’s a kind of history anyone should be proud to call theirs.20170816_201001_resized

Our finished work of art…doodling.  Micheal assured me they roll up these masterpieces and take them back to the studio for future events.

If you like doodling and live near the Kalamazoo area, consider joining them next month.  You can check them out on Facebook for a complete schedule of dates and times.  Watch their Facebook page and mark your calendars for the next Kalamadoodle in September.

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